VOLUME 12 (2018)

Vaiva Deveikienė
Methodological guidelines for optimizing the interaction between landscape architecture and urban planning

DOI: 10.22616/j.landarchart.2018.12.01

Nadiia Oleksiichenko, Nadiia Gatalska, Mariana Mavko

Theoretical and methodological principles of memorial parks three-dimensional composition and ideological lines expressing means complex assessment

DOI: 10.22616/j.landarchart.2018.12.02
Gintaras Stauskis, Jeroen de Vries
A Comprehensive Methodology for Assessing the Quality of Landscape Architecture Study Programmes in European Higher Education Institutions

DOI: 10.22616/j.landarchart.2018.12.03
Paula Gomes da Silva
Creativity and Ecology: A Decade of Contributions for the Design of Sustainable Landscapes (1999-2010)

DOI: 10.22616/j.landarchart.2018.12.04
Agnese Sofija Kusmane
Developing a Mixed Method for Testing a Theory on Spatial Aesthetics

DOI: 10.22616/j.landarchart.2018.12.05
Jānis Zilgalvis
Egyptian Revival in the manor parks of Latvia

DOI: 10.22616/j.landarchart.2018.12.06

Silvija Ozola

Impact of Catholic Monastery Church Building on Cistercian Monastery Formation in Livonia and the State of the Teutonic Order during 13th and 14th Century
DOI: 10.22616/j.landarchart.2018.12.07

Silvija Ozola

Impact of Dominican and Franciscan Monastery Complexes on Urban Planning Development in the Livonia
Confederation and the State of the Teutonic Order

DOI: 10.22616/j.landarchart.2018.12.08
Teresa Lúcio de Sales, José Castro, Mª Graça Saraiva, Teresa Pinto-Correia
Hiking in the landscape - the history of Europeans’ linkage to the landscape by hiking

DOI: 10.22616/j.landarchart.2018.12.09
Mohammad Hossein Hajialirezalou
Building Contraventions in Tehran and Its Control by the Municipality

DOI: 10.22616/j.landarchart.2018.12.10